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Our Packages

This is passionate about delivering growth and the new possibilities in the field of electrical services.

ServiceAverage PriceDuration
Electrical Service Repairs, Upgrades$1000 1 day
Distribution Power Systems$200 60 min
High & Medium Voltage Substations$300 60 min
Industrial Control Systems$2,100 2 days
Switch Installation$15 20 min
Generator Installations$280 12 hours
Innovative Construction Alternatives$350 20 hours
PLC Controls$75 3 hours
Conveyor systems$1,110 1 day
Wiring renovations$220 8 hours
Electric Water Heater Repair$80 3 hours
Service And Panel Upgrades$140 60 min
Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions$240 120 min
Site lighting$140 1 day
Fire Alarms$100 120 min
Cable Tray Installations$1,250 3 days
Wiring Upgrades$100 2 days
Energy Efficient Lighting$200 1 day
Emergency Generating Systems$1,000 2 days
Pools And Hot Tubs$400 120 min
Air Conditioning Units$200 100 min
Emergency Generating Systems$250 10 hours
Solar Panel Installation$50 4 hours
Motor Control$125 5 hours
Cat5 Terminations$1,110 6 hours
Cabling For LAN & HUB $220 6 hours

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